this site is about process

there has been nothing more important to my creative life than this. the labor of the work is the work itself. 

while i am primarily a writer, there are many intersections in my work and processes, bridging that which is language-based, visual, aural, spontaneous or laboriously rendered. 

i'm interested in capturing moments - ideas, experiences, impressions, flights of fancy - and letting them exist in their most raw form. there is room for these bits of flotsam on this site. in them, time exists in fragments, as punctuation. though small, they are big in that they still hold all of their potential.

occassionally the captured moment leads to the creation of something more examined and precise. this kind of process expands time ... droops it over many subsquent moments, and shades them as if they exist in the shadow of a giant flower, some sweet or musky scent continually permeating the space into which the original moment extends. 

in these instances, the labor of the work creates a shift in temporality. time slows down, and matter (meaning) accumulates in a way that feels pinned down. there is nothing wrong with this. it is the long project, and it helps connect the dots.

i am not an artist so much as i am one very interested in time, and timing. and though i dearly wish i could claim to be a master craftsperson of any kind, the only thing i can really claim is a forever attempt to remain ritualistically open to recognizing moments, and to letting the universe and all its energies pass through me freely. this, i believe, is part of what makes the world go round.