Durational video installation by Caitlin Scholl, excerpted from The Space We Make's evening-length production, The White Whale The White Wail.


Film by Caitlin Scholl (The Space We Make)


Text -- BELINDA'S BALL by Joan Bodger (writer) & Mark Thurman (illustrator)
Voice/Reading -- Gordon R. Smith

Music -- "Theme From Love Story" (Frances Lai); "Real footage of Developing Baby/Embryo/Fetus" (Dr. Prodigious // YOUTUBE); "Wonderland by Night" (Bert Kaempfert); "I Only Have Eyes for You" (The Flamingos); "Take Five" (David Brubeck); "Moonglow Theme from Picnic" (Morris Stoloff); "A Mother's Work is Never Done" (1950s Ivory Snow Commerical // YOUTUBE)

Found Video -- "rare footage of 1950s housewife in LSD experiment" (YOUTUBE); "Real footage of Developing Baby-Embryo-Fetus" (YOUTUBE); "STUNNING- Nucleus Animation Demo Reel (2013)" (YOUTUBE); "The Flamingos -I Only Have Eyes for You-" (YOUTUBE); "The Knife-Throwing Mother and her Children (1950s)" (YOUTUBE); "When the egg meets sperm" (YOUTUBE)

Original Cinematography -- Caitlin Scholl & Marjolaine Whittlesey

Film Editing -- Caitlin Scholl

Music Editing -- Caitlin Scholl