Five long years ago, in the small hamlet of Williamsburg, four young hearty settlers battled the landscape and landed in a common ground. A family of sorts, they multiplied. They divided. They were damn good at math. And slowly but surely they took over the building they still to this day lovingly call their home -- a building taken care of with equal loving care by the resident janitors, P-Diddy & Bug, who are the eyes and ears of the establishment, no question about it.

Many have passed through these walls. These dark dank shitty hallways. Many have subletted their bedrooms for outrageous prices. Many have eaten at their tables, shit in their toilets, and made love in their beds.

"THE ANNIVERSARY" Promotional Feature Film takes a look at the stories kept within these spaces... the surreal and sexy activities of their inhabitants, the shittiness of the hallways, and ultimately, the fate of some of those who have dared attend an anniversary party on their roof.


Cinematography by: Joey Carey, Caitlin Scholl, Emma Allen, Linda Goldstein

Artistic Direction by: Linda Goldstein, Caitlin Scholl, & Emma Allen

Editing by: Linda Goldstein & Caitlin Scholl

Dancers/Actors: Lindsay McConnell, Justin Allen, Linda Goldstein, Emma Allen, Caitlin Scholl, Delmie Mongee, Amy Temple, Karibi Dagogo-Jack

Music by: Toni Toni Tone ('Anniversary'); Chaka Demus & Pliers ('Murder She Wrote,' performed by the Tone-Deafs)