the great pine

we thought it would be as large as a room
the circumference was six times larger
than our collective envisioning
the expedition was six times longer
revealed through the wreckage
of a bootlegger’s outpost, deep in the woods,
there was no consensus on whether it was
THE ONE, it was just one, it was closer
than we had imagined,
it was spared by the loggers, it is illegal
to cut it down, meaning with a blade
or the assertion, “we know this is the one
for certain,”
for that bypasses that which fueled the adventure,
20 years of whispered reminisces
glowing inside the tender heartbeat of myth

Location: it lives equally in the imagination, and out back

mtn house
above where the grave was exhumed
by rain
three years ago
nelly & gramps
take cover from the rain
which has returned

for gathering some shadows

for shadows know the way ***

and into the deep dark
like ants ***     ***    ***    ***    ***

but you are old, and she is young

there is one way to fall in love


it’s good for the body
and good for the soul
rub it on your friend
rub it on your mole
pour it on your head
pour it in a bowl
RUB*O*LENE’s for everyone,
everyone should know.

beginning of the bootleggers’ dumping ground

coffee, thank god, i was saved,

dear dear coffee, dear dear pinecone,

my beloveds

the land of buried spirits -

[away, away]

what once was here is still here, but this
this is all that remains
the mortar like sand
river rocks for a mantle
how long does it wait?


cells upon cells

makes its own music

only some can hear

you whisper in the woods

and I sachet to the side

underneath the leaf unturned

mineral-walk and enclosures

it is romantic for a time

they come in twos

and threes

until there she stood

mother of you & i

thou shall not touch
thou shall not hang
thou shall not place
thy slender hand
thou shall not feel
the deep grooved bark
thou shall not come here
after dark

in the end, there is still speculation

there’s a lot of talk about this and that
it was not the one
it was

we drink coffee and wonder
about it
until we don’t anymore

and the dog doesn’t care about it at all