With footage taken from The Space We Make Documentary (2013), you can see and hear in under 4 minutes what it is, exactly, we do ... and what we want to keep on doing, with others' support. Help bring THE SPACE WE MAKE to an unusual, historic, or otherwise amazing space near you!



Artistic Directors / Film Editors: Caitlin Scholl, Simon Thomas-Train
Artists: Caitlin Scholl, Simon Thomas-Train, Justin Allen, Philippe Bronchtein, Josh Dunn, Eric Forman, Lea Fulton, John Hoobyar, Branic Howard, Emma Judkins, Ben Luzzatto, Sophie Maguire, John Mosloskie, Jenna Riegel, Christina Robson, Hanna Satterlee, Rich Vaudrey, Katie Wilson, Emma Wiseman
Music Production: John Mosloskie
Cinematography: Michael Maguire, Scott Renderer, Rich Vaudrey